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JSC SORBENT is a Russian leader in production of the activated carbons. Our company has the unique equipment, which enables us to make the product show the best correlation with world standards. We produce over 35 types of activated carbons — from the most complex catalysts for respiratory protective devices to sorbents used for spill oil liquidation and soil fertility improvement.

Our company was 70 years old in august 2009

We make
Activated carbons
Respiratory protective devices
Household water filters «Rodnik»
Filtering Cloths
Water treatment plants
Coagulants and flocculants
The basic business activity is the production of the products used in every industry, water treatment, and also secures health, environmental control, prevention and liquidation the consequences of man-caused accidents and natural cataclysms.

Chemical Absorbers

Charcoal carburizing material
Our products are certified by all-Union State Standard R ISO 9001-96

Автозапчасти дешево Автозапчасти для иномарок по низким ценам. Дисконтная программа
PLC «Sorbent» Russia, 614113, Perm, Galperina St., 6. Tel: +7 (342) 258-65-54, +7 (342) 258-65-56. Fax: (342) 283-65-10, 283-68-90. E-mail:

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