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Activated carbons

Activated carbon is a unique material able to absorb from the air strongest poison gases, to purify unsuitable for drinking water to the condition of spring water. Usage of activated charcoal is an indispensable condition for production of well-known Russian vodka. Today, activated carbons are applied in more than 40 industries and economic activities.

PLC SORBENT is a Russian leader in activated carbons production. The Company has the unique equipment enabling to manufacture products that satisfy the international standards. We produce more than 30 marks of activated carbons - from most difficult catalysts for gas masks to the sorbents meant for liquidation of oil spills and grounds fertility improvement.

Usage of activated carbons for water treatment is one of our principal directions.

Мы предлагаем комплексно решить проблему обеспечения чистой питьевой водой

Мы являемся одним из основных поставщиков СИЗОД для министерства обороны и МЧС

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