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Sales Department - Activated Carbons

Phone: +7-342-258Ц65Ц50, 258Ц61Ц45, 258Ц61Ц74 258Ц62Ц57, 258Ц62Ц81, 283Ц78Ц70
Fax: +7-342-283Ц66Ц80

Sales Department - Respiratory Protective Equipment

Phone: +7-342-258-61-92, 258-61-22
Fax: +7-342-258-61-92, 258-61-22

Sales Department - Respiratory Protective Equipment International Business

Phone: +7-342-258-62-68
Fax: +7-342-258-61-64

Sales Department - Coagulants

Telephone: Phone: +7-342-258Ц64Ц18, 258Ц61Ц34, 283Ц64Ц45
Fax: +7-342-283Ц78Ц72

Sales Department - Water-purification systems

Phone: +7-342-258-62-74, 258-62-84
Fax: +7-342-283-67-40, 283Ц64Ц34

Marketing Department

Phone: +7-342-258Ц61Ц81
Fax: +7-342-283Ц67Ц17

Logistics Department

Phone: +7-342-258Ц65Ц62, 258Ц61Ц44
Fax: +7-342-283Ц80Ц37

Maintenance Department

Phone: +7-342-258Ц61Ц26
Fax: +7-342-282-78-26

√идроксохлорид алюмини€ - коагул€нт нового поколени€ дл€ подготовки питьевой воды

ћы производим экологически чистые активные угли парогазовой активизации

PLC «Sorbent» Russia, 614113, Perm, Galperina St., 6. Tel: +7 (342) 258-65-54, +7 (342) 258-65-56. Fax: (342) 283-65-10, 283-68-90. E-mail:

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