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Coagulants are chemical compounds able to arouse or accelerate the process of suspended particles combination into units in consequence of their cohesion during concussion. Coagulants use allows to speed up the sinking velocity of suspended particles during water treatment.

Ferrum and aluminum salts are usually used for water treatment.

We offer a wide range of coagulants:

Application of Coagulants:

  • Drinking and industrial water treatment
  • Natural waters sanitation during water treatment?
  • Water treatment in swimming-pools
  • In different industries as binding agents, for cellulose degumming of etc.)

Excellent quality of our coagulants is confirmed by numerous tests. Our coagulants are highly appreciated by experts of Scientific and Research Institute VODGEO of the Russian Federation.

Coagulants Department

Tel.: (342) 258–61–18, 258–61–34
Fax: (342) 255–68–72

Одно из важнейших направлений — использование активных углей в процессах водоподготовки

Гидроксохлорид алюминия - коагулянт нового поколения для подготовки питьевой воды

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