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Aluminum hydroxohloride

TU 6-00-05795731-250-96

Aluminum hydroxohloride Aluminum hydroxochloride (Aluminum oxychloride, Polyaluminum chloride) a new generation coagulant, is designed for drinking water treatment during surface and ground waters cleaning, as well as for sewage and recycled industrial waters of metallurgical works, pulp-and-paper plants, oil refineries and chemical plants, household and urban waste waters.

Aluminum hydroxochloride application enables to intensify water treatment process and to improve water quality. It is very effective at water treatment at 09 C temperature.

Aluminum hydroxochloride is manufactured as water solution (mark A) and as solid product (mark B).

Water solution looks like clear colorless liquid (grey or white tint allowed), shelf life 6 months; solid product appearance formless unsized white or yellow plates and granules; shelf life 3 years.

Product Specifications

Parameter Standard
Mark A Mark B
I rate II rate
Basal substance weight content calculated for Al2O3, %, not less than 18.0 42,0* 30,0
Chlorides weight content calculated for Cl, %, not more than 18.0 30.0 30.0
Chlorine to aluminum atomic ratio, (Cl/Al), (chlorine number), not more than 1.5 0.8 1.6
Hydrogen ion exponent (pH) of water solution with basal substance weight content 0.5 % calculated for Al2O3 4.0±0.5 4.0±0.5 4.0±0.5

Aluminum hydroxochloride


  • Aluminum hydroxochloride (AHC) has high coagulant capacity independent of the treated water temperature;
  • Effective in refinement of lightly turoid and high-colored waters with low temperature;
  • Residual aluminum content in the treated water does not exceed SaN PiN requirements;
  • Possesses of polymeric characteristics, which allows to refuse flocculants using in a number of cases;
  • Practically does not change water alkalinity and has an expanded range of optimal PH;
  • It is an original disinfectant, which allows the dose decrease of chloridizing reagent;
  • Fully well-soluble in water, no need for water pre-heating at the preparing of working solution stage;
  • Excludes or significantly reduces of the formed gypseous sedimentation in the manufacturing equipment and pipe lines;
  • Distinguished with high content of basal substance, which reduces the transportation charges per effective component unit;
  • Has a preference during seasonal delivery of physical resources to the regions of the country difficult to access.

Packaging and Transportation

AHC (A) is transported in specialized railway or truck tanks with corrosion-resistant coating. The product may be shipped in 50 liters polyethylene flasks.

AHC (B) is packed into paper or polypropylene sacks of not more than 30 kg and is shipped by railway transport (containers or wagons). Shipment by trucks is also possible.

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