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Technical refined aluminum sulfate (non-packing plates, formless unsized lumps)

GOST 12966-85

Technical refined aluminum sulfate (non-packing plates, formless unsized lumps) Aluminum sulfate is non-packing plates, preforms, formless unsized briquettes of not more than 10 kg, white color.

Technical aluminum sulfate is used as coagulant for drinking and industrial water treatment, an is also used in paper, textile, leather and other industries.


Parameter Standard
1 grade 2 grade
Aluminum oxide weight content, %, not less than 16.0 15.0
Insoluble in water residue weight content, %, not more than 0.3 0.7
Iron weight content calculated for ferrous oxide (III), %, not more than 0.02 0.3
Arsenic weight content calculated for arsenic oxide (III), %, not more than Test resistant 0.1
Массовая доля мышьяка в пересчете на оксид мышьяка (III), %, не более 0.001 0.003


  • Traditional character of application
  • Rather simple ways of transportation
  • Simple methods of warehousing
  • Long-terms of preservation
  • Rather low cost

Shelf life: unconditioned


Soft «big-bag» containers with polyethylene fillers or in bulk.


Any transport means.

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