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Modified technical refined aluminum sulfate

TU 2163-173-05795731-2005

Modified technical refined aluminum sulfate Modified technical refined aluminum sulfate is non-packing plates, formless unsized lumps of not more than 3 kg of dark grey color.

Carbon, put into aluminum sulfate, is simultaneously as opacifier, aluminium hydrolysis catalyst and at the same time serves as metals and organic substances adsorbent that to greater extent develops at mediums treatment during cold period of the year. Absorbent concentration at filters surface makes an additional adsorption layer increasing purification efficiency.

Modified technical refined aluminum sulfate is used as coagulant for drinking and household water treatment and for different sewage treatment.


Parameter Standard
Aluminum oxide weight content, %, not less than 14.0
Insoluble in water substances weight content, %, not more than 1
Carbon weight content, %, not more than 3
Hydrogen index (рН) of water solution with basal substance weight content 0.5% calculated for aluminum oxide 3.2±0.3


  • Heightened speed of flocculation
  • An additional sorption of ferrum salts, oil products and phenol

Shelf life: unconditioned


Soft «big-bag» sacks with polyethylene inserts or in bulk.


Any kind of transport.

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