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Drinking Water Filters

  • Improvement of water organoleptic parameters, removal of residual chlorine, organic impurities, mechanical impurities etc.

  • Drinking water filters «Rodnik» (household and public)
  • Water treatment plants «Rodnik»

Methods of cleaning
  • Adsorption
  • Ozone-sorption
  • Combined (adsorption, softening, iron removal)

  • Apartments
  • Cottages
  • Public catering establishments
  • Kindergartens and schools
  • Public health establishments

  • Optimum capacity
  • High service resource
  • Retention of the health-giving mineral salts in water
Filters are equipped with activated carbon with partial argentum plating.

In filters «Rodnik-Luxe» and «Rodnik-Comfort-Solo» various materials can be used as filtrating charge — depending on the source water quality and the customer's requirements. The charge shall be replaced by the manufacturer's service group.

Technical characteristics

Parameter Rodnik-ZM Rodnik-7S Rodnik-N
Optimum capacity, l/hour 100—140 75—100 90—100
Service resource (of the filtering cartridge) 3600 5000 4000
Dimensions, mm 120х313 206х88х205 142х260
Weight, kg, not more than 1.0 1.0 1.2

Parameter Rodnik-Comfort-Solo Rodnik-Luxe
Optimum capacity, l/hour 150 300
Service resource (of the filtering cartridge) 250000 1000000
Dimensions, mm 240х545 304х1363
Weight, kg, not more than 15 65

* upon the service resource termination the replaceable filter-cartridge is replaced easily.

Water treatment efficiency

Parameter Water cleaning efficiency, %
Odor up 100
Color up 55
Turbidity up 90
Residual chlorine up 100
Fixed chlorine up 100
Phenol up 100
Chloroform up 100


Rodnik-7S with spare cartridges
Filters «Rodnik-N», «Rodnik-7S», «Rodnik-3M»
Spare cartridge to «Rodnik-3M»
Rodnik-Luxe in color versions (filter for installation under the sink)
Rodnik-Luxe and Rodnik-Comfort-Solo in color versions
Rodnik-Comfort-Solo (kitchen installation under the sink)

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