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Petryanov's filtering cloth

FPP-15-1.5 / TU 6-16-2813-84
FPP-15-0.6 / TU 6-16-2571-85

FPP Filtering materials such as FPP (Petryanov's filtering cloth) are used for fine and super fine cleaning of air and other gases from fine aerosols, at solid phase concentration up to 0.5 mg/m3.

FPP material is a layer of fine fibers of average size 1.5 microns, put on the gauze mat.

FPP material has high and stable electric charge improving filtrating properties of the material.

Filtering layer of FPP material:

  • is hydrophobic;
  • resists concentrated acids and alkalis, alcohols, saturated hydrocarbons;
  • dissolves in aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones;
  • swells in plasticizers;
  • does not emit toxic agents in environment;
  • at direct contact does not affect human organism;
  • is explosion safe;
  • is not spontaneously igniting.

If FPP filtering layers are increased, cleaning efficiency increases. Materials may catch aerosols with particle sizes up to 0.1—0.2 microns.

FPP filter material is used at:

  • manufacturing of respiratory protection devices (breathing masks such as «Lepestok», U2-K, «Kama» etc.)
  • at manufacturing of air filtration plants

Technical Characteristics

Parameter FPP-15-1.5 FPP-15-0.6
Appearance Even fibrous layer put on a mat, without through holes and gleams.
СResistance to air flow at rated velocity 1 cm/sec, PA 14.7
Permeability factor on oil mist at rated velocity 1 cm/m:
during acceptance tests, %, not more than 0.01 0.5
during warranty period, %, not more than 0.1 3.0
Surface density of the fibrous layer, g/sq.m. 30±5 16±3
Breaking weight of the fibrous layer, N (kgf), not less than 1.18 (0.12) 0.00049 (0.05)
Cloth size, mm
width 900 +10/–20 900 +10/–20
length 1500±10 1500±10
Working temperature range, °С from -200 up to +60, and relative air humidity up to 98%.

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