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Fresnel Lenses

Means of eyes protection with elastic Fresnel lenses for sight correction were designed by OOO «Scientific-Experimental Production — Eye Microsurgery», Moscow , jointly with ZAO «SORBENT» (a part of the group of companies SORBENT), Perm.

Elastic Fresnel Lenses

TU 9480-007-29039336-2002

Elastic Fresnel Lenses Designed for improving working conditions of those, who have to wear means of individual protection at work and have binocular sight defects. Fresnel Lenses correct the eye refraction anomaly (short-sightedness, far-sightedness).

Fresnel Lenses should be installed onto the inner wetted surface of the glasses of protection means: gas masks, masks, goggles, visors.

Lenses are of multiple use. When the lens becomes dirty it should be washed in cleaning agent solution and rinsed in water.

Elastic Fresnel Lenses should be selected and installed under an ophthalmologist and HSE engineer supervision.

Characteristics of Fresnel Lenses

Characteristic Parameter
Disk diameter, mm 40
Disk thickness, mm 0.8—1.2
Dioptrics minus 1.5 to minus 4.0
plus 1.5 to plus 3.5
Step, dptr 0.5
Material Urethan based transparent elastic polymetric compound
Warranty shelf life, years 5

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