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Narcotizers Absorber

TU 6-16-2883-87

Expendable filter-absorber of nircotizers FNV-01 is used for cleaning of the air, exhaled by a patient and removed of the inhalation narcosis (IN) apparatus, air from vapors of ether, halothane, inhalan (pentrane) during a surgery.


Description FNV-01
Resistance to continuous air flow at volume air rate 35 l/min, PA, not more than 100
Protective action time, minutes, not less than:
On ether 50
On halothane 120
Degree of tightness (at pressure 3000 PA), l/min, not more than 0.1
Probability of failure free operation during protective action, not less than 0.9
Weight, g, not more than 500

Warranty shelf life — 1 year from the moment of purchase, but not more than 1.5 years from the moment of manufacturing.

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