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KR Sorbi

Gas protective breathing mask RPG-01 of cartridge type

TU 2568-026-05795731-2001

Gas protective breathing mask RPG-01 of cartridge type The breathing mask is designed by ZAO SORBENT-CENTR-VNEDRENIE (being a part of the group of companies SORBENT).

Certificate of Conformity No.ROSS RU.AYA43.VO6237.

The breathing mask is designed for protection of human respiratory apparatus against gaseous and vaporous harmful substances at their concentration in air not more than 0.1 volumetric % and oxygen content not less than 17 volumetric %.


  • Half-mask PR-99 (is made of antiseptic rubber, is used without a knitted obturator)
  • Two replaceable absorbing oval cartridges (filled in with a new chemical absorber)
  • Head-band (is made of polymer material in convex oval form, reduced pressure on the head, convenient and reliable in service)
  • Bag (of original form made of polymer material, to be worn on the waist)


  • Increased nomenclature of breathing mask marks
  • Expanded range of application
  • Efficiency of protection is increased in several times, lower resistance to breath
  • Better field of vision
  • More comfortable service conditions (does not cause allergy, reduced pressure on the head, better design
  • Competitive to best foreign analogues (resistance to breath lower for 25%, protective and operational parameters of the same level, price is lower in 3 times)

Marks of Breathing Masks RPG-01 of KR Sorbi Series

Breathing Masks Mark and Protection Class Color of Cartridge or Label Protects against
A1 brown Organic gases and vapors with boiling point higher than 65 °С (benzene, toluene, xylene, petrol, kerosene, perchloromethane, dichlorethane, benzene chloride, nitrobenzene etc.)
E1 yellow Acid gases and vapors (sulfur dioxide, chloric, bromous and fluorine hydrogens, acetic and formic acid etc.)
K1 green Ammonia and its organic derivants.
A1E1 brown-yellow Organic gases and vapors with boiling point higher than 65 °С, acid gases and vapors.
A1K1 brown - green Organic gases and vapors with boiling point higher than 65 °С, ammonia and its organic derivants, ethylene oxide.
A1V1E1 brown-grey-green Organic gases and vapors with boiling point higher than 65 °С, inorganic gases and vapors (chlorine, fluorine, bromine, sulfur hydride etc.), acid gases and vapors.


Caracteristic Parameter
Resistance to continuos air flow at the volume flow of 30 dm3/min, PA, not more than 50
Breathing mask weight, not more than 400
A cartridge weight, not more than 130
Warranty shelf life, years, not less than 3

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